Money For Nothing


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Monetary Policy

A new edition of this popular title, which is already a modern classic

Real wealth, financial fantasies and the economy of the future. The latest book from high profile commentator and best selling author Roger Bootle

New Paperback Edition, Revised and Expanded

Mankind stands on the brink of the greatest increase in prosperity in history. In the bubble years the markets got ahead of the economics. Now the economics are about to get ahead of the markets.

The conditions are now in place for the rate of accumulation of knowledge and hence technological progress to speed up, and for an explosion of trade with the developing countries. While it may not be so quick or spectacular as stock-market booms, this really is a source of money for nothing. Meanwhile, after the collapse of communism, the route to good governance is now open to all countries.

The interaction between these forces opens up a new era with the developed countries enjoying a rise in the rate of economic growth to historically unprecedented levels and the poorer countries coming within prosperitys embrace. This is no pipedream. It is the economy of the future.

‘A visionary tour de force for a prosperous 21st century.’

David Charters, Management Today

‘Bootle broke new ground in the 1990s and he does it again in his new book.’
Larry Elliott, The Guardian

‘Roger Bottle is one of the few City economists whose views I trust. He rarely runs with the pack, and more often than not his contrarian approach is proved correct. Better still he deals in plain English, not gobbledegook econo-speak.’

Jeff Randall, Former Business Editor, BBC

Roger Bootle runs the consultancy, Capital Economics, and is also Economic Adviser to Deloitte & Touche, a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee, a Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School and a regular columnist on The Sunday Telegraph . He was formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC and a member of the former Chancellors so-called ‘Wise Men’.

He studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. His book, The Death of Inflation , published in 1996, became a best-seller, subsequently translated into nine languages. Initially dismissed as extreme, this book is now widely recognised as prophetic.