Free Trade Under Fire


Economic Theory

The third volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

Government and Institutions

The fifth volume of The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon

A recent classic which defends free trade and systematically refutes the most common criticisms and misconceptions

Growing world trade has helped lift living standards around the world, and yet free trade is under attack. In Free Trade Under Fire , Douglas Irwin sweeps aside misconceptions that litter the debate over trade and gives the reader a clear understanding of the issues involved.

This second edition includes a new chapter on trade and developing countries and updates the entire text to deal with new issues such as outsourcing and steel tariffs.

‘Bang up to date with the current literature on trade… A wealth of reporting, both of trade theory debates and of recent political battles in America over trade, is elegantly squeezed in the book. If “Free Trade Under Fire” does not change trade sceptics minds, it is hard to think what else would’. The Economist

‘Vigorous and persuasive… Irwin offers an especially informative chapter on anti-dumping duties, which have historically been supported in the name of ensuring fair trade.’ Richard Cooper, Foreign Affairs

‘Irwin sets out most of the anti-trade claims one by one and then marshals the evidence to show why it just ain’t so. Commpelling and cogent.’ Wall Street Journal

2005, 2003, Published by Princeton University Press

ISBN 978 0 691 122472, 290pp, PB

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