Energy in a Competitive Market: Essays in Honour of Colin Robinson


Economic Theory

This contrarian book marks the passing of personal virtue and its replacement by political slogans

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A recent classic which defends free trade and systematically refutes the most common criticisms and misconceptions

A collection of fine essays in recognition of Colin Robinson

Energy in a Competitive Market brings together both prominent academics and practitioners to honour Colin Robinson’s outstanding and unique contribution to energy economics.

The authors cover a wide and fascinating selection of topics incorporating the whole spectrum of energy economics. In doing so, they examine the belief that markets are the key to the effective allocation of resources, a notion which arguably applies as much to energy as it does to any other commodity.


1 Competition and regulation in gas and electricity in Great Britain: the end of an era by Eileen Marshall

2 Yardstick competition and comparative performance measures in practice by Catherine Waddams Price

3 Yardstick competition and efficiency benchmarking in electricity distribution by Thomas Weyman-Jones

4 The Swiss electricity industry and the regulation of distribution prices by Massimo Filippini and Jorg Wild

5 Efficiency and performance in the gas industry by David Hawdon

6 UK coal in competitive energy markets by Mike J Parker

7 Economists and the oil industry: facts versus analysis, the case of vertical integration by Paul Stevens

8 The economics of field cluster developments in the UK continental shelf by Alexander Kemp and Linda Stephen

9 Modelling underlying energy demand trends by Lester C Hunt, Guy Judge and Yasushi Ninomiya

10 Long-run carbon dioxide emissions and environmental Kuznets curves: different pathways to development?

by Peter J G Pearson and Roger Fouquet

11 UK emissions targets: modelling incentive mechanisms by Bridgett Rosewell and Laurence Smith

Published by Edward Elgar