Economic Affairs

The Crisis in Water (Volume 18.2)


Economic Affairs

Main articles on Road Pricing, guest edited by John Hibbs

Economic Affairs

Main articles on The Minimum Wage Debate, edited by Colin Robinson

Main articles on The Crisis in Water, guest edited by Julian Morris

Main articles:

Water and the environment by Julian Morris
Meeting Supply: the Role of the Environment Agency by Jerry Sheriff
Water Meters: an Incentive to Conserve and a Signal to the Market by David Bohanna Three Principles for Sound Water Policy by Tyler Cowen
Inset Appointments: Meeting Supply through Trading Water Rights by Jeremy Bryan
A ‘Crisis’ in Water: the Wrong Sort of Privatisation by Colin Robinson

Other articles:

The shaky legal foundations of European monetary union by Martin Howe
How to rescue European monetary union by John Chown, Massimo Beber and Geoffrey E. Wood
Raising the standard: a challenge to Lord MacLaurin by John Blundell
The normative basis of economic science by Tibor R. Machan
Economic policies: still shackled by post-war euphoria? by Sir Alfred Sherman


Curb the growth of money supply by Tim Congdon
New Labour’s NHS reforms by David G. Green
Education action zones by James Tooley
Environmental elitism by Roger Bate
Government borrowing should be guided by the ‘Golden Rule’ by Geoffrey E. Wood


Julian L. Simon by Robert Whelan

Book reviews:

Patrick Minford
Sir Alan Peacock
Anna J Schwartz
Gordon Pepper
D A Reisman
Dean Garratt

Published by Blackwell Publishers, Oxford for the Institute of Economic Affairs