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Financial Regulation: The Need for a Revolution (Vol. 32.3)


Economic Theory

Privatising Britain’s road network would raise more than £150bn

Economic Theory

Former Senior Reagan economist warns against US stimulus spending

We need an entirely new approach to regulation across the financial sector which is based on transparency, market discipline and simple and stable legal frameworks
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Main articles

Editorial Statement – a new beginning for Economic Affairs (pages 4–5) by Philip Booth and J. R. Shackleton

How is Banking Regulation Changing, and How Could it be Better? (pages 6–10) by Andrew Lilico

Too Big to Fail: UK Financial Services Reform in History and Policy (pages 11–16) by Ranald Michie

A Well-Intentioned Folly: The Macroeconomic Implications of Solvency II (pages 17–23) by Amarendra Swarup

Promoting a free market by ending the Single Market – reforming EU financial regulation (pages 24–31) by Philip Booth and Alan Morrison

The EU Proposals for The Regulation of Alternative Investments (pages 32–36) by Laurence Copeland

The Alternative of Private Regulation: The London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market as a Model (pages 37–43) by Edward Peter Stringham and Ivan Chen

The Problems of Accounting Standards (pages 44–49) by D. R. Myddelton

Regulation without Reason: The Deleterious Effects of Government Regulation on Private Pension Provision (pages 50–57) by Nick Silver and Saurabh Pant

Can Banks Self-Regulate? Voluntary Agreements, Intrinsic Motivation and Games (pages 58–64) by Aidan Walsh, Piotr Magnuszewski and Anna Slodka-Turner

Other articles

Causes and Cures of the Great Recession (pages 65–69) by Steven Horwitz

Planning Reform and Housing Costs: Why The Coalition Failed and What it Means (pages 70–77) by Kristian Niemietz

How Governments Should Support the Adjustment of Competitiveness in the Euro Area – and How They Should Not (pages 78–84) by Holger Zemanek

Liberating Farming from the CAP (pages 85–93) by Séan Rickard

Economic viewpoints

On One Forgotten Cause of the Arab Spring: the Lack of Economic Freedom (pages 94–96) by Emmanuel Martin

Us Debt and Deficits: Time to Reverse the Trend (pages 97–101)  by James R. Barth and Tong Li

Rethinking Inflation: New Perspective from an Old Indicator (pages 102–106) by Mark Ungewitter

Private Equity and Agency Costs: an Economic Analysis (pages 107–109) by Adam Baldwin


Who Invented ‘QE’? (page 110) by Tim Congdon

Economic Freedom and the Asian Century (page 111) by Razeen Sally

Questioning the Anti-Profit Mentality in Education (page 112) by James Stanfield

The Deadly World of Falsified and Sub-Standard Medicine (page 113) by Roger Bate

From Big Macs to Big Brother? What is the culture of the market? (page 114) by John Meadowcroft

Book reviews

Student and Teacher Supplement