National Service is Just the Latest Attack on Young People


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Julian Jessop quoted in The Express


Steve Davies quoted in The Sunday Times

Matthew Lesh writes for CityAM

IEA Director of Public Policy and Communications Matthew Lesh has written for City AM criticising policies like the generational tobacco ban, mandatory national service for 18-year olds, and the proposed ‘Quadruple Lock’ on pensions for attacking young people’s liberty and economic opportunities.

Matthew wrote:

“France’s national service scheme, introduced just three years ago, has seen camps descend into brawls, drug-taking and sexual assault. There were reports of participants booing the flag and corporal punishment. A 2019 study from Sweden found that military service significantly increased subsequent crime rates and delivered poorer job outcomes.

“The plan for national service comes amid a series of other policies targeted at young adults.  Last month, Labour MP Kim Leadbeater introduced legislation to prevent new young drivers from having passengers despite statistics showing that the most dangerous drivers are the elderly. 

“Before shutting down for the election, Parliament was also on the cusp of passing a ban on anyone born after 2009 from buying cigarettes, meaning grown adults will be prevented from smoking over the coming years. The same law will ban single-use vapes.

“Young adults are being penalised economically while losing their autonomy to make decisions about their lives and bodies. A new form of infantilisation extending from restrictions on childhood freedom—that begin with less unsupervised time for children—is moving into young adulthood.”

Read Matthew’s full piece here.

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