James Forder to leave the Institute of Economic Affairs 


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After a distinguished two-and-a-half year tenure, James Forder will leave his role as the IEA’s Academic & Research Director in the New Year, to focus on his academic work in Oxford and other interests.

Forder has overseen the publication of more than sixty books, papers and briefings since his arrival at the IEA in July 2021.

This ranges from projects with a longer term view, such as An Introduction to Classical Liberalism and International Relations Theory and Dictating Words: The Culture-Control Left and the war against free speech, to timely policy research such as Did Lockdowns Work? The Verdict on Covid Restrictions and Terminal Problem? The case for a market-based airport slot allocation system.

Forder authored a well-received investigation into the Serious Fraud Office, which was covered across the legal press and in national newspapers, including the Law Society Gazette, The Times and the Financial Times. He also wrote an influential paper on the Electronic Communications Code and the 5G rollout, which was discussed in the House of Lords.

The search for Forder’s successor will begin in due course. Dr Kristian Niemietz, the IEA’s Head of Political Economy, will serve as Acting Research Director during any interim period.

Academic and Research Director James Forder said:

“After two and a half years as the IEA’s Academic & Research Director, it is time for me to move on to pursuing other interests. I wish Tom Clougherty the best of luck in his new, difficult, and important role. Achieving better public understanding of the operation of markets and the institutions of a free society remains a great priority.” 

Executive Director Tom Clougherty said:

“I am sorry that James and I will only get to work together so briefly. He has done great things for the IEA’s published output over the last couple of years, and leaves us with an outstanding pipeline of future work. We wish him all the best in his scholarly pursuits away from the IEA.”


Notes to Editors

Contact: [email protected] / 07763 365520

  • James Forder was appointed Academic and Research Director in July 2021 and will be stepping down in the New Year.

  • Forder has taught economics at Oxford University since 1993 and is Andrew Graham Fellow and Tutor in Political Economy at Balliol College.

  • His principal research interests have been in central bank independence, and the history of macroeconomics ideas, including especially those following from the work of A W H Phillips; and the work of Milton Friedman.

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