Transforming road safety and revitalising the economy


  • 28/01/2013
As part of the economic regeneration of a failing town centre, Poynton has introduced a pioneering traffic scheme. Freed of standard traffic controls, the sociable streetscape stimulates peaceful coexistence among all road-users.

A short film, Poynton Regenerated, shows how the project came to fruition. Already the community is benefiting from less congestion, a transformation in safety and quality of life, and increased commercial activity.

Following the screening, a panel will answer questions about the issues raised in the film and discuss the potential for extending the approach to other parts of the UK.

This event has been organised by Chris Kelly MP and Martin Cassini (Equality Streets) in association with IEA Transport.



Councillor Howard Murray, Poynton Town Council and Cheshire East Borough Council

Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Hamilton-Baillie Associates

Martin Cassini, Equality Streets

Richard Wellings (Chair), Head of Transport, IEA



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