Think Tent 2018 | High time to legalise cannabis?


  • 02/10/2018
    16:15 - 17:30
The criminalisation of cannabis in the UK has failed. The black market is awash with high-strength, hazardous products. Seizures, prosecutions and health problems place a significant burden on the justice and health systems, whilst teenagers find it easier to buy cannabis than alcohol.

On the flip side, a recent IEA report suggests that if cannabis were legalised, tax revenues alone could exceed £1 billion per year. Is it time for a rethink?

Our panel so far comprises:

  • Cripsin Blunt MP

  • Luke Graham MP

  • Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics, IEA

  • Tim Stanley, journalist and commentator

  • Nerissa Chesterfield, Head of Communications, IEA (Chair)

Please note this event is held in the Secure Zone. A Conference pass is necessary to attend.

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