Think Tent 2017: How do we future-proof the NHS?


  • 03/10/2017
    11:00 - 12:15
How do we future-proof the NHS?

Despite sometimes being hailed the ‘envy of the world’, the NHS is being outperformed by its European counterparts on most measures of care quality.

The debate over the NHS has become insular, with many politicians ignoring the success of alternative models of healthcare provision. Does the UK has much to learn from more market-orientated systems adopted overseas, which deliver for patients by embracing a plurality of both providers and methods of funding?


  • Kate Andrews, News Editor, Institute of Economic Affairs (Chair)

  • Sam Collins, Director, Age Endeavour Fellowship

  • Alex Wild, Research Director, TaxPayers’ Alliance

  • James Bartholomew, author of The Welfare of Nations

Please note this event is held in the Secure Zone. A Conference pass is necessary to attend.

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