The State of the Economy Conference


  • 24/02/2015
The IEA’s annual State of the Economy conference will take place on 24th February 2015. There is an excellent line up of speakers including:

Roger Bootle (Managing Director at Capital Economics) ;

Jeremy Browne MP (Member for Taunton Deane) ;

Martin Ellis (Head of Market Research and Analyst at Halifax) ;

Professor Kristin Forbes (Member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee) ;

Stephanie Flanders (Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management) ;

Kwasi Kwarteng MP (Member for Spelthorne) ;

Dr Andrew Lilico (Executive Director and Principle at Europe Economics); and many others.

A range of topics will be discussed including problems in the Eurozone, avenues for economic growth, the sterling exchange rate, fiscal policy post 2015 and the impact of the housing market on the UK’s economy.

Full details can be downloaded below. To book a place you can either complete the form and return with payment or register through Marketforce. There is a discount for IEA supporters.

IEA Student Bursary Scheme sponsored by KMG Consulting

The IEA has a student bursary scheme which allows up to 50 A-Level Economics students the chance to attend this very unique and worthwhile conference. We are delighted and extremely grateful to Patrick McIntosh and the team at KMG who are this year sponsoring the Student Bursary Scheme.

Patrick is currently trekking to the South Pole to promote, amongst several causes, the size of the debt burden being left to the next generation. To find out more about Patrick’s trek please click here.

To download the full programme, click here.

Video footage from the 2014 Conference can be viewed by clicking here.