An IEA debate on the key issues facing Britain that are being ignored in the general election campaign


  • 14/04/2010


Promoting sustainable wellbeing and prosperity – a radical vision for the next government

– Dr Mark Pennington, Queen Mary College, London

– Nic Marks, Founder of centre for well-being, nef (the new economics foundation)

Cutting the deficit – when and how?

– Dr Andrew Lilico, Chief Economist, Policy Exchange

– Prof Lord Skidelsky, Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick and biographer of Keynes

Privatising health and education

– Shane Frith, Progressive Vision

– Will Hutton, The Work Foundation

The future of the welfare state

– Prof Philip Booth, IEA and Cass Business School

– Dr Patrick Nolan, Chief Economist, Reform.

Our speakers will debate the issues briefly and then there will be questions from the floor on each issue.

At the end of the evening we will conduct “90 second hustings”. Four people will be chosen at the beginning of the evening and they will speak for 90 seconds on the issue they believe is the most important issue facing Britain that has not been discussed in the main part of the debate. If you want to be considered for the “90 second hustings” please email
[email protected] with your topic: radical ideas only will be considered.

The debate will commence at 6:30pm and finish at 8:15pm. It will be followed by a reception.

Please note that places are limited (strictly on a first-come-first-served basis)


[email protected]

OR BY FAX (020 7799 2137).