The Future of Fund Management


  • 10/03/2015
On Tuesday 10 March, the IEA and Marketforce will co-host the 16th The Future of Fund Management conference. Focusing on the development of new investment strategies, relationship building and the delivery of optimum outcomes, the conference brings together industry leaders to offer their insight into the changing world of investment management.

The conference offers a packed agenda, with speakers including:

Nick Lyster (Principal Global Investors) ;

Barry McInerney (BMO Global Asset Management) ;

Bill Smith (Lazard Asset Management) ;

Massimo Tosato (Schroders Investment Management) ;

Helena Morrissey CBE (Newton Investment Management); and many others.

A range of issues will be discussed including the impact of globalisation on investment managers, innovation in the industry, strategic responses to quantitative easing and much more.

Full details on the full agenda and how to attend can be founded here.