The future of business schools


  • 29/10/2012
A panel discussion featuring:

Mark Field, Conservative MP for Cities of London & Westminster;

Lord Stevenson of Balmacara, Shadow Minister for Higher Education;

Prof Roland Kaye, Dean of BPP University College Business School;

Richard Gillingwater CBE, Dean of Cass Business School;

Prof J R Shackleton, University of Buckingham.

The argument about the profit motive in education rages. Although most of the press attention has focused on the government’s free schools agenda, reform of higher education financing has made it possible for new institutions to compete with traditional universities. The potential for competition is particularly important in the field of business education.

This raises a number of important questions. Should profit-making universities be encouraged? What will happen to traditional universities if they do not meet the challenge from the competition? Should business schools in traditional universities become completely independent of state funding? How will business schools respond to the market pressure for better quality teaching and student service? Will innovation completely change the teaching and learning landscape?

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