The Economics Debate 2017 – SEMIFINAL – high pay and interest rates


  • 06/02/2017
    18:30 - 20:30
The IEA is delighted to invite you to the semifinal of the 2017 Economics Debate.

The teams will be debating the following motions:

  • This House Believes that high levels of pay in the UK are not economically justified and represent a market failure.

  • This House Believes that central banks should be looking to move to raise interest rates.

The semifinalists will be:

  • Oxford University – Emilia Clark, Katharine Janes, and Iggy Wood

  • The University of Warwick -Simon Cremer, Komal Harjani, and Hannah Collins

  • The London School of Economics – Jon Lo, Razzaq Fazail, and Sabareesh Ramachandran

  • University College London – Jorge González-Gallarza, Michael Ryan, and Pavan Mahbubani

Preliminary rounds were held at each university and the winning team from each progressed to the semifinal.

The judging panel will be:

  • Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education, IEA

  • Dr Juan Castaneda, Director, Institute of International Monetary Research, University of Buckingham

  • Kate Andrews, News Editor, IEA

  • James Stillit, Economist, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


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