The Berlin Wall: What If It Never Fell?


  • 28/11/2019
    18:00 - 20:00
This month sees the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, ushering in dramatic change across East and West Germany. But even now, East Germany still lags behind the West and the legacy of socialism has been hard to overcome.

So what would have happened if the wall hadn’t come down?

On Thursday 28th November, the IEA is delighted to host an intriguing discussion on that very premise. Professor Syed Kamall will chair the conversation with our own Head of Political Economy Dr. Kristian Niemietz, and historians Roger Moorhouse and Giles Udy.

18:00 – Reception

18:30 – Discussion begins

19:30 – Discussion closes

20:00 – Doors close

This is a public event, to secure your seat at the event please register above, or email [email protected].

Dr. Kristian Niemietz is author of the fictional work ‘The Mirage of Democratic Socialism’ which provided the inspiration for this upcoming panel discussion.

He also authored Socialism – the failed idea that never dies, our most downloaded book of the year.