The American Phoenix – and Why China and Europe Will Struggle After the Coming Slump


  • 19/09/2011
Internationally renowned economists Charles Dumas and Diana Choyleva’s new analysis dissects the failure to agree globally integrated solutions to the underlying causes of the economic and financial crisis – explaining why 2012 will not bring the widely anticipated sustainable and sound recovery, but instead another global economic disaster.

The authors will be giving an introduction to the book at 7pm

‘In the midst of the struggle to deal with the international financial crisis, too little attention has been paid to the underlying imbalances that provided the tinder for the conflagration. Charles Dumas spells it out in clear analysis and convincing detail.

‘Essentially, it is a plea for attention to the need for sensible reform and greater discipline in the international monetary system, a matter long neglected.’
– Paul A. Volcker

Complimentary copies will be available to guests

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