Talk: The Human Freedom Index


  • 02/03/2016
Tanja Porčnik will be giving a talk about the Human Freedom Index (of which she is a co-author).

About Tanja

Tanja Porčnik is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. Porčnik is president and co-founder of the Visio Institute, a think tank in Slovenia, and co-author of The Human Freedom Index.

She was formerly a senior fellow at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a Government Teaching Fellow at Georgetown University (through The Fund for American Studies) and a Research Associate & Manager of External Relations at the Cato Institute. Her articles and opinion pieces on trade policy, international relations, and human rights appear regularly in printed media, and she is a frequent commentator on television and radio.

Porčnik received her bachelor’s degree in applied economics from the University of Maribor and her master’s degree in American political thought from the University of Ljubljana.

About the Human Freedom Index

The Human Freedom Index presents the state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that encompasses personal, civil, and economic freedom. Human freedom is a social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals and is defined here as negative liberty or the absence of coercive constraint. Because freedom is inherently valuable and plays a role in human progress, it is worth measuring carefully. The Human Freedom Index is a resource that can help to more objectively observe relationships between freedom and other social and economic phenomena, as well as the ways in which the various dimensions of freedom interact with one another.

The report is co-published by the Cato Institute, the Fraser Institute, and the Liberales Institut at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

About the event

Tanja will give a talk about the Index followed by a question and answer session. The event will be a brown bag lunch, guests are welcome to bring any food they wish to consume. It will begin at 12:45 and conclude at 14:00.

RSVP by email or call 0207 799 8900.