MA Webinar


  • 18/08/2021
    17:30 - 18:30
Join us for a webinar to learn more about the new MA in Political Economy by Research from the IEA and the Vinson Centre for the Public Understanding of Economics and Entrepreneurship at the University of Buckingham.

The programme can be completed by distance learning and is aimed at graduates with a strong interest in the history of economic ideas and the application of economics to questions of public policy.

Online seminars throughout the MA course will cover topics on Adam Smith; David Ricardo; John Stuart Mill; Alfred Marshall; the marginalists and neoclassical economics; Karl Marx; Friedrich Hayek and the Austrians; J.M. Keynes; James Buchanan, Gordon Tullock and public choice theory; the Frankfurt School; and behavioural economics.

Please register HERE if you would like to attend.

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