Lessons from the US: what is the best framework for exploiting shale gas in the UK?


  • 09/10/2014
Speakers: Iain Murray, Vice President for Strategy, Competitive Enterprise Institute; Francis Egan, Chief Executive Officer, Cuadrilla Resources; and Corin Taylor, Senior Adviser, UK Onshore Oil and Gas.

The controversial nature of shale gas extraction has divided public opinion, but many view it as a serious contender to fulfill the UK’s future energy supply needs. This lecture will examine the rapid development of shale gas in the United States and the impact on its energy markets and make recommendations for the best framework to exploit shale gas in the UK.

The Beesley Lectures are a series of eight annual lectures covering regulated industries in the UK. The lectures are held in memory of Professor Michael Beesley, who was a leading architect of the British  system of utility regulation and a Managing Trustee of the Institute of Economic Affairs. He founded the series in 1991 and organised them until his death in 1999.

The lectures are taking place every Thursday between 2nd October and 20th November this year, at the Institute of Directors. Evenings will begin at 6.30pm and delegates are encouraged to network over refreshments until 7pm, when the lecture will commence. Lectures will last for one hour, followed by a 20-minute response before handing over to the audience for extended discussion. The proceedings will end at 8.45pm with refreshments.

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The lectures are organised with the assistance of the Centre for Competition & Regulatory Policy, City University.

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