In Conversation With Jim Mellon – Moo’s Law: An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution


  • 23/03/2021
    17:00 - 18:00
On Tuesday 23rd March, from 17:00 – 18:00 GMT, the Institute of Economic Affairs is delighted to host a discussion with businessman Jim Mellon to discuss his latest book, Moo’s Law: An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution. The IEA Director General, Mark Littlewood, will chair the discussion.

Jim is a visionary entrepreneur with a flair for identifying emerging global trends. Most notably, he is widely recognised for predicting the credit crunch of 2007-08 in his book “Wake Up! Survive and Prosper in the Coming Economic Turmoil”. Through his investments, Jim Mellon has established a worldwide business empire. Recently, Jim has positioned himself as a key UK investor in the cultivated meat space and has written Moos Law to encourage others to capitalise on this technology too.

In Moos Law, Jim guides investors into the nascent field of cultivated meats and plant-based proteins and outlines the technologies that are enabling it to rapidly develop. From lab-grown meats, to dairy, to protein derived from air, Jim charts which companies are an exciting investment opportunity. Furthermore Jim explains why these are not only smart investments, but why they are absolutely necessary ones. Not only this, he outlines what he sees as the major hurdles to the industry’s success in terms of scalability of production and the smart designing of regulatory frameworks to stimulate innovation in this sector. The future of food is being developed in labs across the world — it will be cleaner, safer, more ethical and, importantly soon, cheaper too! We very much hope you can join us to discuss all this and more with Jim.

Please watch this event: here

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