Immigration gloom – or economic boom?


  • 22/03/2011
Up to 20,000 Indian workers could be allowed into Britain each year under a deal between Brussels and Delhi.  The IT workers would be arriving here as part of a trade agreement between the EU and the Indian Government, and they would be excluded from the UK’s net immigration figures.

Supporters of the scheme say it would reduce barriers to trade and would bring billions of pounds to the UK economy.

Opponents say it makes a mockery of immigration policies and would simply provide cheap replacements for British workers.

This Panel Discussion explores whether the deal would bring long-term economic benefits to the UK ̶ or simply dilute the Prime Minister’s pledge to cap net immigration.  And it asks the question:  Does this pose a serious threat to British workers ̶ or does it make Britain a more dynamic, market-orientated nation?

Brian Denny, Trade Unionist, Journalist and Democracy Campaigner;
Linda Kaucher, Researcher and Specialist on International Trade Agreements;
Mark Littlewood, Director General & Ralph Harris Fellow, IEA

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