How can we build 200,000 new homes a year?


  • 04/10/2016
    11:00 - 12:15
An IEA and McCarthy and Stone event at the Conservative Party Conference.

Please note that this event is taking place inside the secure zone and a conference pass will be required to attend. They can be purchased from the Conservative Party here. There is no need to book a seat in advance, seating is first come, first served.

About the event

Since the 1970s, average house prices in the UK have more than quadrupled and are now among the highest in the world. The cause of rising prices is simple: demand outstrips supply. For over three decades, the UK has had lower rates of housebuilding than any comparable country. It has become almost a cliché to point out that the UK needs more homes but the Government has several challenges to overcome if it is to meet its targets. How can incentives be realigned to favour development in a system that currently punishes local authorities for granting planning permission? How can wide spread support greenbelts be tackled in order stop house prices soaring in the UK’s most desirable cities?


  • Gavin Barwell MP, Minister for Housing and Planning

  • Ryan Bourne, Head of Public Policy, IEA

  • Alex Morton, former special adviser on housing, Number 10; IEA (Chair)

  • Juliet Samuel, Columnist, Daily Telegraph 

  • Paul Teverson, Director of Communications, McCarthy & Stone

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