Heavens on Earth: How to create mass prosperity


  • 26/03/2013
An IEA Book Launch

Heavens on Earth: How to create mass prosperity (published by Biteback Publishing) by JP Floru

In Heavens on Earth: How to Create Mass Prosperity, JP Floru investigates countries that have drastically reformed their economies to create durable growth and prosperity. In a series of case studies, contemporary and historical, the author considers the measures that led Chile, New Zealand, China and the US, among others, to an era of plenty where all parts of society, including the poorest, became better off.

Supporting Adam Smith’s observation that liberating people from tax, regulations and central state planning can increase productivity and wealth, JP Floru makes a case against the tendency of Western leaders and political clairvoyants to seek mistaken solutions. He stipulates that these solutions are found in the very theories which caused the world economic crisis in the first place, and argues that only growth can increase total wealth and give a brighter future to everyone.

Heavens on Earth is as much a story as an aid to growth-producing public policy. It takes a sweeping view of traditions across the globe and across time while introducing us to the remarkable individuals that made it all happen. This history of growth never bores and never lectures: it tells us how wealth was produced, and how it can be done again – to create Heavens on Earth.

JP Floru is a Senior Research Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, a non-practising solicitor who has worked in a City law firm, and also a former European Parliamentary candidate. He remains active in politics and is a Westminster Councillor, prolific writer, speaker and blogger. His articles appear in The Daily Telegraph, City A.M. and Conservative Home.

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