Hayek’s ideas and their implications for today


  • 15/02/2011
The IEA has recently published an acclaimed account of the arguments contained in one of Hayek’s most important works, The Constitution of Liberty, by the late Eugene Miller of the University of Georgia. This seminar will look in detail at the implications of these ideas for important areas of public policy and at the significance for politics in general, both left and right, of his wider theories of knowledge and accounts of the limitations of reason as a guide to both private and collective action.

Session One             4:00pm-4:45pm
The Implications of Hayek’s Thought for Welfare Policy

Chairman: Prof Philip Booth, Institute of Economic Affairs
Speaker: Dr John Meadowcroft, King’s College London
Session Two            4:45pm-5:30pm
Hayek’s Relevance and Importance for the Left as well as the Right

Chairman: Dr Steve Davies, Institute of Economic Affairs
Speaker: Dr Mark Pennington, Queen Mary College, London
Tea/coffee                  5:30pm-5:50pm
Session Three           5:50pm-7:00pm

Chairman: Dr Steve Davies, Institute of Economic Affairs
Prof Andrew Gamble, Cambridge University
on Hayek’s Theory of Knowledge and its Implications for Public Policy
Prof Chandran Kukathas, London School of Economics
on Pride and the Abuse of Reasons: Hayek on the Limits of Reason
Each session will have ample time for discussion.

RSVP (acceptances only) using the form below or by email to [email protected] or phone 020 7799 8900.