Growing paternalism in Europe – Launch of the Nanny State Index


  • 14/05/2021
    13:00 - 14:00
European governments are becoming increasingly paternalistic in the way they regulate the lifestyle choices of their citizens. The Nanny State Index – which ranks 30 countries in Europe based on how much they over-regulate eating, drinking, vaping and smoking habits – paints a grim picture of the tendency towards coercive paternalism on the old continent. Our webinar will look at the trends and provide an alternative to excessive regulation that is compatible with individual choice and better health outcomes.

Does increased paternalism lead to better health, as supporters of the nanny state claim? If there is a trade off between lifestyle freedoms and health? If so, are policy makers obliged to choose the latter? What are the most important changes since the last edition of the Index? Did some countries reverse misguided policies that haven’t led to the desired outcomes – or is over-regulation only a one way street?

During our launch event, the editor of the Index, Christopher Snowdon, will outline the situation across Europe and discuss with guests from three European countries the best and worst regulatory changes that have been implemented in the last two years.

You can watch it live on our YouTube channel: HERE

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