Future Freedom Reception: The Pursuit of Happiness – and Tools for Attaining It – Dr Tara Smith


  • 28/07/2016
We’re delighted to announce that the speaker at July’s Future Freedom reception will be the Dr Tara Smith, a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas and a board member of the Ayn Rand Institute. Find a full biography here.

Dr Smith will speak on the topic of “The Pursuit of Happiness – and Tools for Attaining It.”

Talk abstract

Historically, Americans have been known for fiercely defending the idea that every man has a birthright to the pursuit of happiness. An individual’s success in actually attaining happiness, however, depends largely on what he does with that right.

While numerous goods can contribute to a happy life, this lecture examines a handful – three factors whose vital significance is not conventionally recognized and that are, in fact, routinely vilified.

The talk opens by probing what happiness is, focusing on features that particularly illuminate our means of acquiring it. It then turns to three preconditions of happiness that are usually neglected: pride; productiveness (including the place of money and of greed), and unabashed selfishness.

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Our Future Freedom events are aimed at under 30s.