Freedom Week 11th – 15th July 2011 (student event)


  • 10/07/2011
The goal of Freedom Week (11th – 15th July) is a simple one: it exists to inspire a promising group of students and give them the knowledge, the confidence, and the network they need to go out and defend freedom.

The seminar is designed to educate students about the ideas and principles behind free markets and the free society. Its intensive programme of lectures, discussions and debates – all conducted in a relaxed, informal atmosphere – covers a variety of topics, and quickly gives students a grounding in the fundamentals of classical liberalism. The highlights of Freedom Week 2010 included:

  • Steve Davies on The History of Liberty

  • Mark Pennington on Free Market Environmentalism

  • Craig Smith on Classical Liberalism and Social Justice

  • Paul Gunn on Classical Liberalism and Multiculturalism

  • Anthony Evans on Competition and Monopoly

  • Madsen Pirie on Winning Freedom’s Battles

But Freedom Week is not just about lectures. It is also a wonderful opportunity for participants to make like-minded friends, and to build a network with each other, the lecturers, and the think tanks which will help them to advance the cause of freedom in their future careers.

To find out more please visit the Freedom Week website. Please note applications for the 2011 conference close on the 15th May.