Food for Thought Lunch with Richard Teather


  • 07/12/2023
    12:30 - 14:00
With the tax to GDP ratio hitting record highs, and the economy flat-lining at best, will the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement offer a chance for growth and development, or just more micro-management of decline? But this is not just about the big numbers; what often matters more in tax is the detail of what is being taxed, and how. The hundreds of pages of Treasury and HMRC documents issued on the day often cause more problems than the top rate or the macroeconomic data. Yet here, largely unscrutinised, the landscape is changing hugely and across the board; from the OECD’s global minimum tax creating a headache for multinationals, to the changes in property tax making many small investors consider quitting. This IEA Education academic lunch aims to delve into the repercussions of the Autumn Statement on business and investment, shedding light on aspects potentially missed by the media. We will explore the positives, the negatives, and opportunities for improvement within the statement. Leading the lunch is leading British academic and tax consultant Richard Teather.

This event is invite only.

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