Evaluating the framework for regulators in energy, water and telecoms


  • 20/11/2019
    18:30 - 21:00
In the Future of Regulation Study commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the National Infrastructure Commission has assessed the changes which might be necessary to the existing regulatory framework to facilitate future investment needs in infrastructure focusing on energy, telecoms and water, while promoting competition and innovation and meeting the needs of both current and future consumers.

Where have existing regulatory frameworks succeeded or failed in meeting these objectives?  How do economic regulators need to adapt to meet the challenges in infrastructure outlined in the Commission’s National Infrastructure Assessment?  Has regulation adequately incentivised innovation and how has it responded to changing market circumstances?  Is there a case for a multi-utility regulator to achieve greater consistency?  Where should the boundary between government policy and independent regulation be set?

Speaker: James Richardson, Chief Economist, National Infrastructure Commission

Respondent: Chris Bolt, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

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