Elinor Ostrom and Community Power in the UK


  • 17/06/2020
    13:00 - 14:00
In this talk, Dr Simon Kaye will outline his upcoming report on the Nobel Prize-winning political economist Elinor Ostrom, discussing how her ideas reach across political and ideological borders. It is telling that Ostrom’s work has nevertheless received little engagement among UK policymakers: a society and economy as centralised as the UK’s has little time for her insights. But this is a mistake. Ostrom’s research has powerful lessons for the UK’s burgeoning ‘community power’ movement and for policymakers at every level, and could point the way to a more vibrant, diverse, and resilient country in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Dr Simon Kaye completed a PhD at KCL’s Political Economy department in 2015. He has published and lectured his academic research in a range of topics that includes political science, conspiracy theories, democratic theory, epistemology, and counterfactual history. He has also worked in think tanks for more than a decade, with roles working for the Constitution Unit, the Hansard Society, and the Project for Modern Democracy. He is currently Senior Policy Researcher at the NLGN think tank, working on localism and decentralisation.

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