Discussion: The state of the US Presidential Race


  • 20/01/2016
Join us for a discussion examining the state of race for The White House a few days before the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

What are the implications of the rise of populist candidates like Trump and Sanders? Can anyone challenge Hillary for the Democrat nomination? Will Jeb Bush’s campaign survive?

We’ll be discussing all of this and hearing from experts on US foreign, economic, and domestic policy.

Speakers will include:

  • Patrick Basham, founding director of the Democracy Institute and author of the upcoming book “Scared of US! How an “M&M” Foreign Policy Can Rescue America  from Obama & Hillary’s Kumbaya World”

  • Kate Andrews, Boardmember and Spokesperson, Republicans Overseas UK; Head of Communications, Adam Smith Institute

  • Brooks Newmark, former Conservative MP; Research Associate, Oxford University’s Centre for International Studies

  • Mark Gettleson, US elections commentator, author and campaign consultant


RSVP by email or call 020 7799 8900.