COVID-19 – A perspective from across Europe


  • 26/05/2020
    17:00 - 18:00
Leading think tank heads from Germany, Italy and Greece will join us to analyse their governments’ economic response to the pandemic and provide an assessment on the looming economic crisis. How are these three EU member states responding to the massive fall in GDP and skyrocketing unemployment numbers? What is the role of the single currency in mitigating or worsening the crisis? Should EU institutions expand their role by introducing coronabonds or stick to their available tools, such as the European Stability Mechanism? And will the recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court necessitate a Treaty change, or can the European Central Bank continue its public sector buyback programme?

To discuss this, we will hear from Clemens Schneider, the Director of Prometheus Institut which is based in Germany, Alberto Mingardi who is the Director General of Instituto Bruno Leoni based in Italy and Alexander Skouras who is the President of KEFiM from Greece.

These and other questions will be discussed before the floor is opened to a Q&A discussion with our invited audience.

If you would like to attend this webinar, please RSVP by the following the link here.

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