Beesley Lectures 2018 | 3. Regulation and the competition regime in an age of increased government intervention


  • 17/10/2018
    18:30 - 20:45

LECTURE 3 | 17 October

Regulation and the competition regime in an age of increased government intervention

Lord David Currie, Former Chairman, Competition and Markets Authority

Bruce Lyons, Professor of Economics, University of East Anglia

Now in their twenty-seventh year, The Beesley Lectures were founded by Professor Michael Beesley, one of the most influential regulatory economists of his time. Held in partnership with the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy at City, University of London, the series attracts the foremost thinkers in government, industry and academia.

The lectures cover the latest developments in energy, water, transport, telecoms and banking regulation as well as competition policy.  This year’s series comes at a time of a changing political climate, with the prospect of Brexit, a more interventionist Government and an opposition proposing a return to public ownership for many industries.

The series attracted over 1000 attendees in 2017, including economists working for regulators, competition authorities, companies in regulated sectors or in consulting, as well as policy makers, academics and lawyers.

Evenings will begin at 6.30pm and delegates are encouraged to network over refreshments until 7pm, when the lecture will commence. A leading economist or industry figure will speak for one hour and a specialist will provide a 20-minute response before handing over to the audience for further discussion. Each lecture will end at 8.45pm followed by drinks and canapés to continue the discussion.

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