Beesley Lecture – Supporting the sector through the decarbonisation of heat: The role of policy and regulation


  • 02/12/2021
    16:00 - 17:00
The Energy White Paper laid out a bold vision for the future of heat which will prompt huge transformation of gas and electricity networks and the way we heat our buildings. Recent acceleration of climate reduction targets mean that this transformation will take place in a relatively short timescale, with gas boilers banned in new homes from 2023 and new gas boilers banned in existing homes from the mid 2030s. However important policy decisions about the relative role of heat pumps and hydrogen have yet to be resolved. This lecture will lay out the Government’s policy for the decarbonisation of space heating and consider the impact this will have on customers and existing gas and electricity networks, ensuring that all customers are treated fairly in the transition. It will also consider how regulation needs to evolve and how the potential risk of stranded assets in the gas networks can be mitigated.

Ben Rimmington, Director General, Net Zero Buildings and Industry, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Paul Dodds, Professor of Energy Systems, University College London

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