Balancing Risk and Wellbeing – Lessons from the Pandemic


  • 30/07/2020
    18:00 - 19:00
The IEA is delighted to host a virtual panel discussion on the topic of “Balancing Risk and Wellbeing – Lessons from the Pandemic” taking place on Thursday 30th July. This webinar discussion will be chaired by the IEA’s Head of Lifestyle Economics, Chris Snowdon.

The coronavirus pandemic has raised uncomfortable questions about the trade-off between health and wealth. Lockdowns and social distancing have prevented many cases of COVID-19, but at a huge cost to the economy. How can we tell if it was worth it? Is there necessarily a trade-off between health and wealth or can there be a virtuous circle?

Putting a value on a human life strikes many people as immoral and yet, in a world of scarce resources, governments often make life and death decisions based on such calculations. Is this fair? How should we balance life and liberty? Is there also a trade-off between health and wellbeing? And what lessons have we learned about how to handle risk in a post-COVID world?

Our panel will consist of the following speakers: Julian Jessop, IEA Fellow and former IEA Chief Economist; Timandra Harkness, Broadcaster, Mathematician and Author; Professor Robin Dunbar, Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Oxford University; and Otto Brøns-Petersen, Head of Analysis at the Danish Free Market Think Tank, Centre of Political Studies (CEPOS).

If you would like to attend this webinar, please register by following the link here 

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