Applying economics to the internet: can regulators and competition authorities keep pace?


  • 13/11/2019
    18:30 - 21:00
Economies are changing dramatically as technology redesigns traditional business models. The razor edge of new technology development is not an idea that’s easily associated with regulation or Government but in the digital age, regulators and competition authorities must learn to keep pace both with the tech giants and rapidly changing consumer markets. There have been some tricky cases recently with regards to the internet as authorities seek to protect consumer interests but threaten the delivery of major advances for those same consumers. In order to strike a better balance, current regulation and competition policy must modernise and adapt to these changes. Is digital regulation inherently different?  How different are digital markets?  Should and can online content be regulated in the same way as offline?  What changes should we expect in the UK as competition powers are transferred post Brexit? Digital advances are a major driver of economic opportunities and consumer benefits. How should regulation and competition policy adapt?

Speaker: Oliver Bethell, Head of Competition EMEA, Google

Respondent: Mike Walker, Chief Economic Advisor, CMA

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