An Occasional Lecture: Can we put poor men to work?


  • 07/06/2010

In Britain and the United States, low-skilled men are dropping out of work, causing harm to families and society. In the US, a movement has arisen to establish a work test for men. States are implementing work programs aimed at men who owe child support, or who are on parole from prison. These men must take jobs or join these programs on pain of incarceration. Prof Lawrence M Mead will describe the new programs and their potential for turning around the male work problem.

Lawrence M Mead is Professor of Politics and Public Policy at New York University and a Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. He is an expert on poverty and welfare in the United States. Among academics, he was the principal exponent of work requirements as a basis for reforming welfare, the approach that now dominates national policy. He is a leading scholar of the politics and implementation of welfare reform and also work programs for men. His many books and articles on these subjects have helped shape social policy in the United States and abroad.

6.30pm – 7.30pm (followed by a drinks reception)


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