An Evening Panel Discussion


  • 10/11/2010

Though the Euro crisis is not in the headlines right now, the fundamental problems remain. Structural imbalances, government indebtedness and rigid labour markets all mean that EU countries have great difficulty responding to economic shocks. The ceding of control over monetary policy in the Euro zone countries seems to have removed the only mechanism to facilitate macro-economic adjustment.

This Panel Discussion will address these issues and, in doing so, discuss the long-term future of the Euro including:

• Will the Euro zone collapse?

• Will the Southern European countries leave?

• Will the Northern European countries leave? If so, when?


Prof Tim Congdon CBE, Chief Executive, International Monetary Research

Jamie Dannhauser, Senior Economist, Lombard Street Research

The Rt Hon Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-93)

Howard Flight, Flight & Partners/Metrobank

Graham Bishop, Principle of


John Stevens, former MEP


Mark Littlewood, Director General & Ralph Harris Fellow, IEA

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