Academic Webinar with Professor Terence Kealey


  • 03/06/2020
    13:00 - 14:00
Dr. Kealey is a professor of clinical biochemistry at the University of Buckingham, where he served as vice chancellor until 2014. Dr Kealey argues that the UK and U.S. handled Covid-19 badly because their public health science is controlled by government. He recommends separating scientific powers, in order to free public health science and government to challenge each other.

Professor Kealey has previously written about how distorting government money can be to scientific enterprise. In 1996 he published his first book The Economic Laws of Scientific Research where he argued that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, governments need not fund science. His second book, Sex, Science and Profits (2008) argues that science is not a public good but, rather, is organized in invisible colleges, thereby making government funding irrelevant. Both works are recognized as vital contributions to the study of science and public policy.

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