A Meritocrat’s Manifesto – How to boost social mobility in the UK


  • 03/10/2016
    12:45 - 14:00
An IEA event at the Conservative Party Conference.

Please note that this event is taking place inside the secure zone and a conference pass will be required to attend. They can be purchased from the Conservative Party here. There is no need to book a seat in advance, seating is first come, first served.

About the event

The public debate on social justice often focuses on income inequality and the vast wealth disparities that separate rich from poor. Whilst arguments about the extent of inequality in the UK are hotly disputed, research from the LSE suggest that social mobility has been flat-lining in recent decades. UK schools perform poorly by international standards, opportunities to start new businesses are stifled by excessive regulation and the aspiration of home ownership is moving further and further out of reach. In a system that erodes opportunities for the least well off to succeed, appetite for wealth redistribution grows stronger. How can public policy address this culture of dependency and give everyone the opportunity to succeed by their own merit?


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