A Democracy Institute book launch at the IEA


  • 27/01/2011
Gambling is good for us, according to Patrick Basham and John Luik’s provocative new book, Gambling — A Healthy Bet.

The authors argue gambling is a net contributor to public health, economic life, and an important component of a liberal society. Gambling has become a widespread pastime for a simple, single, and unassailable reason: gambling adds to the sum of human happiness. Based upon their rigourous examination of gambling’s many faces and many sides, the authors conclude that policymakers should leave gamblers – and the gambling industry – alone.

Dr Patrick Basham is the Director of the Democracy Institute. Dr John Luik is a Senior Fellow.

The Democracy Institute is a politically independent public policy research organization based in Washington and London. It aims to provide a balanced and thoughtful perspective on topical issues, promoting open and rational
debate based on evidence rather than ideology.

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