Annabel Denham writes for the Daily Express

IEA Director of Communications Annabel Denham has penned an op-ed in the Daily Express, arguing that the new Office for Health Promotion (OHP) should not become Public Health England in all but name. The new quango aims to tackle obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles, but Annabel warns this could mean more liberty infringing diktats. Annabel ... Continue reading

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

IEA Head of Media Emily Craver has written her bi-weekly column for Conservative Home arguing that the UK must have a rational discussion about NHS reform.  Emily referenced the recent NHS pay rise debacle as an example of how "toxic and claustrophobic" the public debate over the health service has become. The wage banding system ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon writes a letter to The Times

It has been reported that countries with high levels of obesity have suffered greater losses in life from Covid-19. But as IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon wrote in a letter to the Editor of the Times, "we should not infer causation". Snowdon argued: "Obesity certainly increases the individual’s risk of dying from Covid-19 ... Continue reading

Professor Len Shackleton quoted in the Daily Express

Boris Johnson is under growing pressure from trade unions give nurses a massive 12.5 per cent pay rise. Reacting to the news, IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton was quoted in the Daily Express calling the planned 1 per cent rise as "fair". Prof. Shackleton added:“[With] hundreds of thousands already having lost private ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz features in The Yorkshire Post podcast

Author of Viral Myths, IEA Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz, appeared on The Yorkshire Post's political podcast- 'Pod's own Country' to discuss coronfirmation bias with The Yorkshire Post's Westminster Correspondent, Geri Scott. Listen to the podcast here.... Continue reading

Professor Len Shackleton quoted in City AM

Matt Hancock is under growing pressure to accept calls from the Royal College of Nursing and other unions to give NHS staff a 12.5 per cent pay increase. Responding the the calls, Professor Len Shackleton was quoted in City AM calling the demands "extraordinary" and "not feasible". He said: “They can’t all be paid 12.5 ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

Kristian Niemietz,  Head of Political Economy at the IEA, has called for the UK to have a rational discussion about the NHS in an article for CapX. Niemietz pointed out that policy makers have accepted the need to compare the UK's performance in education and productivity to other nations in order to learn from our ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
On Tuesday 9th February 2021, the Institute of Economic Affairs published 'Viral Myths: Why we risk learning the wrong lessons from the pandemic', a briefing paper authored by our Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz. The report argued that Covid-19 has been used to justify certain "conventional wisdoms", including the belief that the NHS ... Continue reading

IEA research featured in Conservative Woman

Conservative Woman featured IEA Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz's new research paper 'Viral Myths' in an article on the need for the NHS to face constructive criticism about its performance during the pandemic. The article also cited IEA Director of Communications Annabel Denham's  appearance on BBC Politics Live, commending the IEA's attempt to ... Continue reading

Annabel Denham writes for Reaction

In an article for Reaction, IEA Director of Communications Annabel Denham highlighted the need for the nation to be open-minded to NHS reform in order to improve patient care and health outcomes. Annabel challenged the strawmen arguments that any critics of the NHS are insulting doctors and nurses or advocating for a US style private ... Continue reading