1 thought on “Yes, of course ‘Breaking Bad’ could have happened in the UK.”

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    Yes, judging by outcomes (rather than by ‘good intentions’) is critically important. I was telephone-polled over the weekend about ‘Brexit’. The one question I had some difficulty answering was about evaluating David Cameron’s efforts in his negotiations with EU leaders. I applaud the huge efforts he made, but deplore the insignificant results. Cost of inputs: very high; value of output:very low. I dare say his judgement was correct that there was no point ‘raising the bar’ higher in his ‘demands, since I gather that in preliminary discussions he found very little appetite among EU leaders for radical reform. So his argument that Britain would be better off in a reformed Europe is based on a false premise. We are not being offered a ‘reformed’ Europe;
    though I hope that after a Brexit we can take a leading role in working with others to achieve just that..

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