4 thoughts on “Wind power: quenching a fire with champagne”

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    Yup, agreed. I have since been convinced that doing like France and going full-on nuclear is the way to go. Whether you go with Westinghouse’s quoted price of $1 billion for a 1,000 MW reactor or whether you times that by five for the usual British incompetence and over-spend, the payback period is rather less than ten years (assuming 12p/kWh), after that, it’s more or less free energy for a few decades until the decommissioning unpleasantness kicks off.

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    or with a neutral carbon tax, you may not choose renewables at all. You might switch the lights off more often or put some insulation in the loft or switch the heating off in the bedrooms when the kids are away. They could start by charging VAT on fuel.

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    Are you disillusioned by rising electricity prices, over dependence on the “green” dream [especially uneconomical and inefficient wind farms] and the destruction of our countryside then please object to the Government at


    or by GOOGLING “E-PETITION 22958” and following the link.

    Please pass this message on to Councillors, friends, neighbours and anyone else you know to persuade them to sign up too. If you are really concerned about wind turbines please write a letter promoting this petition to your local Newsletter and to the Editors of your local newspapers.

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    “At some point, we have ceased to see renewables as just one among many potential options for carbon reduction, and have started to attribute moral qualities to them”

    This is the crucial point.

    That “switching more… energy generation from burning coal to burning gas” would reduce CO2 emissions ignores the fact that gas is a hydrocarbon and therefore gas is bad.

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