6 thoughts on “Top-up payments might undermine the NHS – so bring them on!”

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    Utter rubbish, how can a poor person on low incoem afford a top up when they are out of work and on the sick? This guy needs a shot of insulin right into the temporal lobe. The Tories are spending a furthee 93Bn in wasted costs where they said Labour were overspending! There simply is’t a wall long enough to line these fruits up to be shot against.

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    One could build such a wall, though, as a Keynesian demand-side stimulus measure. And think of the executioners’ wages, which, multiplied by their marginal propensity to consume, would inject additional demand into the economy.

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    I like your thinking Kris, Lets make money shooting Tories, blindingly obvious when you think of it. On a serious note I was about to join this society but after reading some of the right wing cobblers on the site have decided to retain my membership of the human race.

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    Which ‘society’ would that be?

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    The organisation running this site.

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    As in becoming a subscriber? Go for it – you will then receive all the publications, and while I suspect you won’t like their message, I am positively sure that you will never find them boring. You could still retain your membership of the human race. We don’t mind overlapping subscriptions.

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