2 thoughts on “To solve the housing crisis, we must take on NIMBYs and abolish the greenbelt”

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    Supply of available land is definitely a factor – but it is only one factor in a complex problem. If we stop blanket protection of certain sites, would we control prices on the sale of the resulting proporties to come closer in line with the 2-3 MM figures quoted? Or restrict purchase to certain types of people e.g. nationals or people in critical societal roles?

    Or should free market prevail, and we just need to build enough houses anywhere and everywhere to correct the years of underinvestment that have so disrupted supply and demand of housing stock? What does that world look like – the offspring of a one nighter between Croydon and Slough?

    Vilifying NIMBYs is easy content, but it doesn’t deliver answers…

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    Unusual for the IEA’s view to converge with my own!

    “…taxing housing transactions remains the wrong approach” – indeed it does. Its a tax on moving house not on wealth. It penalises people wanting places for their families with more bedrooms or a garden and then again when they are downsizing. Stamp Duty is unhelpful in every way.

    “…replacing council tax, stamp duty, business rates and (property-related) capital gains taxes with a local Land Value Tax (LVT)” – again yes. Council Tax already has some linkage to land wealth but other taxes are again transaction taxes. We own the land to the extent that the state permits us to exercise ownership of the land. (A foreign invasion or a revolution will change that). We really rent the land from the state, so a LVT will recognise this.


    “The concept of the green belt, meanwhile, should be abolished in its entirety” – I am not sure about this. The alternatives are likely to lead to an overall loss in green space, and so long as that’s what most people in the country think we should have, that’s what we should continue to uphold. Democracy is a free market too.

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