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    Many thanks for this excellent summary that calmly dismisses many of the myths regarding what happens in (the non US) countries that do not have The NHS! The National Pub Service example is helpful – almost all healthcare workers despair at politicisation of healthcare, yet this is the only possible outcome in a wholly publicly funded system.

    At 16:50 mins – UK GPs suffer from the problem of being penalised for attracting the most difficult patients. Those that offer a better service attract patients most incentivised to choose a more responsive practice, yet suffer a financial penalty as those patients attend the practice far more often, or require home visits or nursing home ward rounds.

    I plotted our GP appointment rate against the Risk Profile (Johns Hopkins ACG tool) score for our patients and the results were predictable yet dramatic.

    Giving individual patients an individual Risk score, and tying primary care funding to the individual patients registered, would lead to a dramatic change in the way practices compete for different types of patients.

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