2 thoughts on “Taking a benefits system from bad to worse – the coalition’s child benefit policy”

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    I could not agree more Philip. I’m sitting watching this from afar in Singapore where we emigrated 5 years ago – thank goodness – and I can’t believe what a mess the UK government is making. It seems like if there’s a wrong decision to be made, they’ll make it. I can only conclude that the real agenda is to destroy the family unit and force even more people to fall onto the welfare state. Thus the welfared masses will always outvote those with any sort of aspirations in life who are footing the bill. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a revolution yet. Really, I am!

    I wrote to my MP some years ago suggesting that they take a good look at Singapore as a model of how things should be done. Here, income tax and corporate taxes are low. There’s no IHT/CGT and pretty much no welfare benefits. My tax return takes 5 minutes a year to complete. Seriously! No accountants, no fuss. No complicated tax codes. When taxes are low there’s no incentive to find ways around the system. NI here (or CPF) is a pot with your name on it, not just a big black hole. You can use the CPF money as a deposit on a house or to invest for retirement etc.

    Anyway, I had a response from my MP to say these ideas were good, but too radical for the UK. This sums up the whole problem with the UK. Nobody is radical enough. The main political parties (between which there is simply no difference, or spine, for that matter) will simply continue rearranging the deckchairs until the whole ship sinks. Glad to be out of it to be honest. Anyone with a choice should vote with their feet.

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    thanks, Rachael, excellent comment

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