2 thoughts on “Jobs guarantee plan is likely to redistribute unemployment rather than reduce it overall”

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    An excellent piece. The problem, of course, is that you are talking sense and aren’t interested in making political capital.

    The government is, of course, undertaking some welfare reform. While completely insufficient, it does mainly seem to be a small step in the right direction, combined with improving incentives through raising income tax allowances. However, as you point out, the other side of the equation – cutting the cost of employing people in order to create more economic activity and hence employment opportunities – has been ignored. It’s essential that the government cuts employers NI contributions, but it has made no moves in this respect.

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    Thank you for both the postings. Very interesting and I agree with most of the points Len and HJ made.

    I’m the director of a careers guidance and employment services social enterprise in London. Jobs creation schemes that are linked closely to skills matching and are candidate centred rather than targets centred would be great, in my view. That is, ” Let’s use careers professionals to deliver a service where jobseeking accountants find a job as an accountant or at least using their key transferable skills.” Rather than ” Lets use untrained, cheap staff to squeeze jobseekers into any old job at any old level in order to hit our targets..” I wonder which one they have considered…

    Sadly the latter is what our highly skilled refugee candidates are presented with every day…Academics, engineers, scientist – being told to find a job in a supermarket… It would certainly be good to see something a bit more informed….

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